For SMBs lacking both the in-house resources to manage complex infrastructures and the budgets to pay for IT transformation projects, the price of doing business is rising. They are losing out on profitable opportunities while being saddled with excessive IT costs. Regaining competitive agility means rethinking IT.

Increasing numbers of SMBs are now struggling with convoluted IT systems that feature a mix of technologies from a multitude of vendors. Often the technology based on aging legacy systems that are costly to maintain but difficult to replace.

It all adds up to too much
Increasing IT complexity means enterprises are being hampered by:

  • Slow speed of response
  • Escalating costs/inefficiency
  • Risk of major IT failures
  • Excessive admin overheads
  • Poor application performance

Not addressing these issues in not an option. To stay competitive, SMBs need their IT function to be able to meet evolving business needs and fulfil their potential as a source of competitive advantage. They need to simplify their infrastructure.

Which is where the new generation of integrated infrastructure solutions comes to the fore. Instead of different components – computing, storage and networks – being purchased, implemented and managed separately, everything is combined into a single, pre-configured, pre-tested system.


Simplify your IT with VersaStack

VersaStack is the market-leading integrated infrastructure solution from Cisco and IBM. Enabling you to dramatically simplify your IT environment, VersaStack helps increase your efficiency and performance while cutting your costs and risk.

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